Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My New Phabcam site -- photos for Fay and the Phab England from Hungary

Welcome everyone on my renewed phabcam site.

I have decided to try to continue my phabcam, which is my hobby photo site.

I met with the name of Phab England in 2005 when an ex-friend who was a secretary at the Grantham Phab club talked about it to me. As l was interested in the topic but since living in Hungary l couldn't have the hope to take part in any of their events or activities, not to speak of their meetings, in spite of l always wanted to because l was very curious how it works, l started to build this hobby photo website.

l decided besides the Phab England, l recommend it to Fay.

PHAB means: Phisically Handicapped and Able Bodied people.

Actually my main aim hasn't changed since l started the site, l would like to show you the difference between Hungary and England through my photos while l am hoping in that l will not be boring and l will be able to find some beauties in my country too, against that we aren't blessed those really breathtakingly landscapes what l have admired so honestly in England.

l know, there are some other sites too on the web, with the name of phabcam, as the name of my site has been stolen trying to make it out as a business site !!!!!! On this site l never dealt neither l will do with any kind of business !!!!

l have nothing to do with those sites as it is the only one and original PHABCAM site !!!! Consequently l do not take any responsibility for any kind of falsh and fraudulent misusing of my site's name !!!

You can find some other pics from me on the : ( Martial01)

l thank you very much for your visit and looking

With the best wishes and kind regards,

Marta C.